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  • Accommodation Checklist!

To ensure you are prepared and avoid disappointment please refer to the below checklist for your pet’s upcoming stay:

– A copy of your up-to-date vaccination (a photo on your smart phone is fine). Hedgegrove takes their disease and illness policy very seriously and this is essential.

If you are unsure if your pet is vaccinated you need to consult your vet clinic immediately.

All guests must have a current vaccination (C5 for dogs & minimum F3 for cats). Hedgegrove requires you have a one to two week grace period between your pet receiving their vaccination and boarding. Certificates must be brought in every visit.

– If you would like to bring your pets own food and avoid upset stomachs we can happily accommodate. Please label it clearly and provide feeding instructions, measuring requirements or have each meal individually packaged.

– ALL medications must come in its original packaging form the veterinary clinic, please do not decanter it as we need the instructions.

Insulin or dogs currently suffering from current illness or injury should be discussed with Hedgegrove as boarding may be unsuitable

– You are not required to bring any bedding or toys, Hedgegrove recommends using our equipment and has ample supply and we cannot guarantee the return of personal belongings.

Damaged items or those that include bean bag stuffing, batteries or other chocking hazards will not be permitted. We want to keep your pet safe!

– Every guest must have an emergency contact we can call in the event of an emergency here in Adelaide. In the event you cannot or do not supply one, Hedgegrove will take all directions of our veterinarian at your own cost.

– Have you discussed and decided on any of the extra services available for your pet? We will ask you several questions upon arrival and you can discuss what is available and what you would like with our team then.

Options include Yappy Hour, Meaty Meals, Hydrotherapy Excursions, Adventure Walks and more.

– For all ‘training & behaviour’ enquiries please contact the Behaviour staff at

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