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Check out our gallery below, and head to Instagram to see the rest of our best and brightest!

We had a lovely little visitor yesterday!

Mr. Spike popped in to say G'Day and speak to us about Echidna care 😍

#mrechidna #spikeyspike

Lily pudding for get months Kitty Vogue Magazine cover 😍😻

#voguecover #kittymodel

Hedgegrove Bearded Baby Dragon enjoying a small adventure outside and soaking up some of that winter sunlight β˜€οΈ

Looks like he's been watching dogs for too long now and has picked up that perfect head tilt 😍🀣

#headtiltreptile #wintersunsoaker


One of our regular guests is looking at taking their first ever cruise holiday.

Do you have any recommendations on providers? Locations?

What was the best thing about your cruise experience?

Comment below and help a fellow travellers out! 😍

#ahoymatey #canicomeaboardcaptain

Cutie Patootie Marco getting into the action for National Pyjama Day 😍

#marcopolo #pyjamaparty

Always a good day when this handsome fella arrives 😍

Willie Wilbert is just too adorable with those ears πŸ’•

#williewilbert #beautyborder

Ugh.... Another phone line outage in our area. πŸ“ž

We apologise for anyone trying to contact us via the phone. It will sound like it is ringing but it is not on our end.

We are hoping Telstra get it sorted well before their predicted date.

Should you need to contact us please use our contact form on our website at or email direct to

Thank you for everyones patience and understanding

#ugh #hellocanyouhearme

Can you SPOT the difference?

So many Dallies guesting with us this week we just had to take a pic of these spotty babies ❀️

#spotthedifference #dalliesfordays

What a great surprise!

Last time we saw Mik we were planning our goodbyes as he was not doing so well 😭

But today he has returned with a second lease on life ❀️

Not bad for almost 20 years old!

Love you Mik!

#stillkickin #bestsurprise

Leo & Gypsy popped their adorable little heads out for breakfast 😍

#whatsforbreakfast #doubleadorable

Christmas is coming.... Well eventually 🀣

Hedgegrove is already 50% booked for the festive season for both dogs and cats with all deposits paid and secured.

If you are thinking of heading away this December then be sure to book in soon to avoid any disappointment!

We've already discussed with the jolly man in red himself and he's looking forward to seeing all his fluffy and furry friends again πŸŽ…β€οΈπŸΎ

#christmasiscoming #furryfestivefun

Poppy πŸ˜‚πŸ˜ Just a ray of sunshine in these colder winter days ❀️ #poppycake #rayofsunshine ...

Nothing quite like a sausage Sunday!

#dachshundday #sausageparty

AJ is just a Devine little darling 😍

#devinedoggo #perfectpuggo