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Hedgegrove Pet Retreat has been operating in Golden Grove since 1985 and offers top quality animal care for its guest to leave their pets with confidence!

We are looking to expand our team and are seeking applicants for an 'Animal Attendant' position. This role requires several attributes require to be successful.

Customer Service – THIS IS MUST! Successful applicants must be well-spoken and confident in dealing with clients and colleagues. Experience in customer service will be looked on favourably.

Animal Skills - Experience handling animals in a similar role is preferred. Must be comfortable will handling dogs, cats and other species of companion animals varying in size and temperament. It is not enough to just "love" animals, you must also have a level of understanding of them and the industry that comes with it.

Work Ethic - This position can be physically demanding and requires a candidate will have a fantastic work ethic and who is not afraid to get stuck in and put in the 'hard yards' when required.

Eye for detail - Understanding of how presentation directly affects our customers experience. A keen eye for identifying problems, hazards and resolving them promptly.

Organisation - You take pride in how you manage yourself and your time, and have strategies to help you stay on top of your workload, deal with multiple priorities, and help your colleagues.

Communication – You must be able to communicate in an effective manner to better yourself, your colleagues and your customers to benefit our workplace culture. A fantastic sense of humour is always welcomed.

Extra skills sought but not required
- Computer literacy
- Drivers licence
- Qualifications in animal care, training or other services

Candidates who can commit to a varying amount of work hours including weekends and holidays will be highly desirable.

Only those applicants showing complete skillsets for the role will be considered. Applicants must be available to work weekends and public holidays to be considered.

Please send your cover letter & resume to

Applications close October 9th


Spring has arrived so be sure to plant those pooches in time 🤣🌱

#plantedpooch #springtimesiberian

We found a wild Pippa in the garden! 🌱

#awildpippaappeared #oodleplant

These two cheekies are so lucky the crew haven't packed them away and taken them home 😂🐾


The big man Jussi can't wait for that much needed summer vacation 🌞😍

#booanvacay #summerready

Marli says "When travelling always pack the essentials" 😂

Sweetie pie having some fun in today's sun 🌞

#packtheessentials #funinthesun

Lovely Roxy all fresh as a Daisy after her hydro pamper 😍🐾

#seniordogsrock #pamperedpooch

Spring must be here and Bumblebutt is starting to get out and about 😍

#wakingup #springtimeishere

Dad's a Dad!

Happy Father's Day to all those Father's who are there for you!

Tag those Doggy Dad's 👇

The guys from @canineconnectoz performing some 'cafe' training with some of the 4 legged gang in yesterdays sun 😍☀️

#bringbackthesun #cafecanines

Sibling Maya and Blinka enjoying those lovely spring time rays 😍🌻☀️


Indy the Quaker Parrot blending in with one of our many backdrops 😁🐦

Indy loves her "step up" trick, fresh veg and a good sing song 🎵


Anyone order a small Whiskey? 🥃

Cutie with a cool name 😍

#whiskeywhiskers #drinkingonthejob

Tiny Tycho, Puppy Pickle, Little Lunatic 😍

Already to impress on his first shift as "Manager of Treat Distribution" 😂

1 for the guest, 2 for Pickle....

#dressedtoimpress #1foryou2forme

Nothing quite like them.

Happy International Dog Day 🐾❤️

#dontdeservethem #thebest

Boof, Baron Boof 😍🐾

Enjoying his time in our Luxury Cat Condo, strutting his stuff, climbing all the things and making himself right at home ❤️

#baronboof #luxurylife

Happy GOTCHA day Bumblebee Bumblebutt 🦎😍

#happygotcha #bumblegrumblebutt

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