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  • Dog Accomodation in Adelaide

Hedgegrove boarding facilities are second to none. All of our kennels are maintained to the highest standard, are cleaned daily, and climate controlled comfort all year round. To help the dogs relax, music is played throughout the entire complex.

All of our dogs enjoy fully insulated kennels with covered outdoor areas. Your dog will have shelter all year round, whether from the harsh sun or the cold rain. All kennels also have elevated, flea free hammock beds to keep them comfortable during the night.

We have separate facilities for large and small dogs, so you can rest assured your loved one will be comfortable and able to move around in their space. Our larger dogs have larger kennels so they have the space that they need.

If you have several dogs and would like them to be housed together we will do our best to accommodate all requests, however some restrictions will be applied.

Kennel rates

The below prices are current as of January 1st 2020

 Peak PriceNon-Peak Discount Price
 1 Dog$38$36
2 Dogs$60.80$57.60
1 Giant Dog$43$41
Minimum charge is 2 days stay.

Daily disocunts apply for dogs sharing accommodation. Dogs must both be desexed and of similar size. Not recommended for those struggling with behavioural issues and Hdgegrove reserves the right to separate for the health and safety of both animals and staff.

Fees are charged per calendar day. If collecting in the morning opening hours guests are not charged for that day. Not available on Sundays.

Non-Refundable and non-transferable deposits are required to place bookings during Christmas & Easter seasons.

Peak times are considered as Fridays through to Sundays, Long weekends, School Holidays and other peak time seasons.

Hedgegrove is CLOSED the Sunday and Monday during long weekends and hours differ during Easter and Christmas periods.

To find out more about our peak times and if we are open please CONTACT the Hedgegrove Crew.


We choose to feed our dogs the premium food of Black Hawk & Royal Canin. If your dog is on a different diet we strongly suggest supplying their own food to avoid upset stomachs. Please portion their meals and clearly label them and supply instructions.

‘Dens’ and sleeping accommodation

Each dog has their own private sleeping accommodation free from the noise and weather outside. We supply all our guests with a clean, warn, elevated and flea proof bedding for their comfort. You are more than welcome to bring some bedding if you wish, however we have plenty onsite to provide.

Our guests enjoy these rooms during the night and harsh weather conditions. Designed to be small, secure and snug, this accommodation encourages ‘den mentality’ helping the dog to relax and feel safe.

All our sleeping quarters have water bowls to ensure your pooch has fresh and clean water at all times.

Sharing Accommodation

Guests from the same family are more than welcome to share accommodation and pay time during their stay, however it should be noted it is not recommended and certain conditions apply.

Dogs may not share accommodation if they;

  • Either guest is not desexed (No matter the sex of the dog)
  • Size between dogs is extreme (No large breeds sharing with small breeds)
  • If either suffers from behavioural issues such as aggression, resource guarding and reactivity.
  • If either dog suffers from a medical issue or recovering from a medical procedure.

Heating & Cooling

Hedgegrove is proud to have modern reverse cycle air-conditioning in all our animal accommodation to give our guest comfort no matter the season.

Hedgegrove strives to maintain our facilities temperature to remain above or below recommended temperatures throughout the year as recommended by the Veterinary Codes of Practice.

Extra procedures and events also occur to help our guest stay as cool/warm and as comfortable as they can during extreme weather days.

Socialisation & Play

Every canine guest has their own private exercise yard they can enjoy throughout the day to stretch their legs, smell the fresh country air and enjoy the beautiful surrounding scenery. These play areas are attached to their sleeping accommodation and can come inside and outside as much as they please throughout the day.

Hedgegrove also has a large amount of play and exercise areas of various size that the team like to rotate to keep it interesting.

Although guests from separate families cannot make physical contact for safety they still get to enjoy a large amount of safe socialisation with others and an immense amount of mental enrichment to keep them satisfied and content.

Our onsite behavioural staff monitor the dogs as frequently as possible to ensure they dogs are comfortable with others and happy.

Enrichment and well being

Hedgegrove is proud to have behaviour specialists working onsite to help ensure your dog has a safe and comfortable stay with us.

All of our dogs enjoy twice-daily exercise sessions in our outdoor play area so they have the chance to explore and enjoy the grounds.

Yappy Hour

Between 1–2pm you can treat your dog with a “Yappy Hour” consisting of a Kong filled with treats (Frozen chicken mince, beef/chicken broth, peanut butter paste, liver treats, beef treats, kong cookies etc.) For those dogs who don’t like kongs we do give them other treats so they don’t miss out.

Yappy Hour is $4 per day and guests can choose daily or a number of Yappy Hours delivered through their holiday.


All dogs are required to be current with the below vaccinations. We ask to sight the Vaccination Certificate to ensure your dog has been vaccinated during the last 12 months before boarding. If it is their first vaccination, it must have been done at least 2 weeks before they board with us for full cover. This helps ensure the health and well-being of your pets and all pets under our care. Dog who are regularly vaccinated on time will be permitted board after a 7 day waiting period between vaccinating and boarding.

Dogs require vaccine protection against 5 diseases: (Annual and triennial vaccinations are accepted)

To avoid disappointment vaccination certificates must be brought upon each visit.

  • Distemper (virus)
  • Hepatitis (virus)
  • Parvo (virus)
  • Canine cough – Para-influenza (virus)
  • Canine cough – Bordatella (bacterial)


We are happy to administer medication/supplements to your pet during their stay, however a surcharge may occur. Please discuss this when making your booking.

Prescribed medications will be adhered to, unless otherwise advised by the administering Veterinarian. Please ensure that your medication is properly labelled and comes in it original packaging so that we can adhere to the Veterinary instructions and/or in case any follow up is required by our staff.

All guests needing medication receive a $5 per day surcharge.

All guests needing insulin injections receive a $8 per day surcharge.

Guest receiving Insulin must provide a fresh needle for each day of their stay and special precautions and policies are followed. We ask all guest on insulin only arrive for boarding during our morning opening hours so they have the day to settle in.

Kennel ‘Tours’

Want to come see our beautiful surrounds and meet some of our team? Hedgegrove does allow for our new guests looking for the right accommodation for their pet to come and discuss needs and view our grounds.

Please note that during some periods we may not be able to take members of the general public through our internal areas because;

  1. Disease and infection control: A large number of disease and illness can be spread on our shoes and clothing, staff take special precaution to keep our guests and their own pets safe but for this we cannot allow the general public.
  2. Well-being: Strange and unfamiliar people coming through the internal kennels can put a heavy amount of unwanted stress on our current guests. The health and safety of our current guests is paramount and is and will always be our main concern.
  3. Security: Hedgegrove is designed to give our clients as much security during their stay giving their guardians peace of mind. For this reason we also cannot allow members of the general public down through the internal structure.

Tours are held by appointment only so please call our office on 08 8251 1235 to make a booking today!

(Tours are only held during our business opening hours and not held during peak periods and public holidays)

On Arrival

We ask that you drop your dog off at the earliest opening time on the day to ensure they have suitable time to settle before the night. This will help enhance your dog’s stay as they will be more familiar with the environment. Please do not make a fuss over your dog when you leave as this may cause stress and upset your dog.

Drop off, collection, office and trading hours are:

Mon – Fri 0830-1030am & 2-4pm
Sat 0830-1030am
Sun 2-4pm
Hours may change over peak times, please contact us to query.

Pet Taxi

Cannot make it to deliver or collect your pooch within our opening times? No worries, the Hedgegrove Taxi may be able to come and collect/deliver your dog from/to your home or workplace.

Pet Taxi is by appointment only and fees are determined by distance of travel. Contact us to discover availability and pricing.

How far ahead should I book?

During the high Season – Christmas, Easter, School & Public Holidays, it is a good idea to book 3-6 months in advance for pet boarding to avoid disappointment. Our bookings during these times have a minimum booking requirement

Holidays & Minimum Stays

Standard minimum charge is 2 days

School Holidays minimum charge 3 days

Long Weekend minimum board charge is 4 days

Easter minimum charge is 5 days

Christmas minimum charge is 8 days

All bookings placed over the Easter and Christmas holidays will a nonrefundable booking fee placed at the time of booking to confirm and secure your pets stay with us

Should you decide to collect your pet early during Christmas & Easter periods the original booking duration will still be charged.